I tried identifying song apps like Soundhound, Shazam but i didn't found one of the BGM that is at 2min35sec in this video:

Please help to find it...!

  • Shazam has no problem identifying the song at 2:35, but Shazam and other similar tools may be misled by plagiarists. So my question is: what does BGM stand for? For non-native speakers, can you edit your question, replace BGM with its meaning and clarify what you are actually looking for? Thank you. – xhienne May 25 at 23:09
  • @xhienne BGM = "background music" – Aaron May 26 at 6:57
  • @Thanks Aaron. Since Shazam can identify the background music, OP must be looking for something else. – xhienne May 26 at 8:57

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