In the semi-finals and finals of America's Got Talent 2016, an act called "Tape Face" performed over background music featuring a low string baseline with higher strings plunked on the off-beat.

What is this song, and where can I find it?

It starts here:

and for the second time it's a bit shorter:

I tried to use most famous applications that take a part of a song to find its origin source (It is the only way that I know), but they did not work in my case, due to audience noise, I think.

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    I don't understand why this question is being closed. There are two direct links to the song and the music is clearly identifiable for whoever knows it. I don't see what you could possibly add to ease the identification. @Arzak: Tape Face seems to use a lot of Yann Tiersen's music in his shows, so you might want to listen to his discography, though this particular music is not typical of his work. – xhienne Jun 15 at 22:04

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