What's the music that plays from minute 1:07 of https://vimeo.com/408064100 (first Bill Plympton's Couch Gag from Simpsons episode "Beware My Cheating Bart")?


I cannot name the song but I'm pretty sure the author is Nicole Renaud.

The soundtrack on this couch gag is well integrated to the animation, which makes me think it was tailor-made (as opposed to random songs that were later cut and mixed into the soundtrack) and this is clearly her musical style.

Nicole Renaud is an accordionist and she has written the soundtrack of many Bill Plympton's animated movies. You can listen to her work on her SoudCloud page or her website.


This is unlikely to be a specific song --the soundtrack is through-composed, not edited together from samples. However, it's in a very specific style --a French or Italian street-music accordion waltz from the early part of the last century, a style known as "bal-musette". It's used because it's a common accompaniment to the kind of twentieth-century European melodrama being parodied in the gag.

Compare the following:

Compare also Billy Joel's tribute to the the same style (middle of the intro section only):

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