The song starts off with a short and light, simple, yet beautiful melody before it gets disrupted loud thunder sounds along with the lower base-like tones on the piano. After that, it continues the melody at the start, before getting interrupted again by the thunder sounds.

It kind of sounds like a cinematic piece of work that tells a story about either light and darkness, or peaceful weather and a heavy volatile storm, if that makes sense?

I'm sorry this is so vague, I hear it a long time ago. But if it helps, then I heard it as a part of a Rhythmic Gymnastic CD filled with 1:30 minute-long songs that were only played by instruments (no vocals/voices).

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It sounds like you are looking for: "Riders on the Storm" by The Doors.


Your description is vague, but is it possibly “Total Eclipse of the Heart”?

It seems to fit your description (lighter melody which becomes thunderous, then returns to the lighter melody).

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