2 weeks ago my classmate played a piano cover of a song from a k-drama or a Korean film, but she didn't say the name of film. I remember that the key of melody is A-minor, and I remember some parts as well. It began with part: E4-A4-E5-E5-D5-C5-D5-E5-A4-A4-G4-A4-E5-G5-A5-E5-D5-C5-A4-E5-D5-C5-B4-A4. Then after 1 minute I heard that part: A4-E5-D5-E5-D5-E5-D5-C5-B4-C5-A4. Please, help me to find that film. She (classmate) said us that this piece in film was played with string orchestra. Thanks in advance!


This is the "Empress Ki" main theme:

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