I would like to ask your help to identify an EMO/ROCK song from around 2008 whose title and band I don't remember any longer.

What I remember is the official video of the song showing students in a class wearing big white doll masks (actually, the masks are covering both front and rear of head).

The mask of some students is cracked, possibly as a result of an (abusive) hurtful secret relationship with the teacher. The students appeared to be in a school wherein student are required to wear a uniform.

I don't remember any of the lyrics, but I can say it was english. The band might be from the UK but I am not sure about it.

I tried searching for 'ceramic', 'broken', 'dolls', 'students', 'class' keywords but I cannot turn up anything related.

At this point my only hope to identify this song is that somebody else still remember it.

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    Do you think you're looking for the same video as this person: reddit.com/r/NameThatSong/comments/3wrckj/…? Jun 29, 2021 at 18:38
  • @ChrisSunamisupportsMonica Yes, it seems both posters are looking for the same song. At least, the video I have added to my answer perfectly matches the "Weird music video with porcelain doll girls and nails".
    – xhienne
    Jun 30, 2021 at 9:46

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It looks like you are looking for "Looking Glass", a 2008 song by Canadian band The Birthday Massacre.

See the video here:

Note: my personal understanding is that the cracks are not due to an abusive relationship with the teacher, but to him teaching noxious beliefs or values (= putting nails into their heads).

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