This is really pedantic, but I'm making a sub-genre specific Metal playlists on Spotify and I'm wondering if I should differentiate between these two, or if the differences are minor enough that one playlist would be okay?

I've heard that they're different enough to warrent 2 playlists, because with Epic Doom you get bands like Candlemass that have this old-timey Gothic feel to them (read: Dark Cathedrals, demons, vampires, etc...), while Doom is... different?

There's bands like Bloody Hammers and Spirit Adrift, who I don't know what playlist to put in, and many others.

So, can anyone toss me a bone? I'm thinking about making it easier on myself and just sticking with one playlist, but I don't want to experience "genre-whiplash" if there is going to be some big differences.

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