Can anyone help me recognize voice effect(s) used in this song? It sounds quite unusual to me.

Samael - Infra Galaxia

Samael - Together


Reviews of the album don't particularly mention the track or its vocals - see : official website entry for album. So this answer is just how it sounds to me.

The main vocal goes through a lot of varied techniques: either a single voice, or augmented with reverb or multitracking: growling ; whispering; gutteral singing; some nonsense syllables; maybe some speak-singing.

The backing is multiple voices with a bit of reverb, and some fading in and out. The mix will sometimes have the lead voice prominent, sometimes buried under other layers of sound.

Most of the effects are all with the natural voice, hence the directness of the vocal.

Not sure there is anything very unusual vocal-wise - he has a versatile voice and uses a lot of different techniques, but they are all known.

  • There must be something else, it doesn't sound like just growling/whispering/reverb to me. Listen carefully at 1:53, for instance.
    – user626528
    Jul 29 at 20:12
  • PS added another example - "Together". Compare the sound of his voice at 0:34 and 2:34.
    – user626528
    Jul 29 at 21:13
  • "Together", 0:34,2:34 sounds like there may be some multi-tracking of the voice. 1:53 sounds to me like a very throaty growl. He can do a lot of things with his voice, for sure, but most of the time, sounds like it's just his voice, without effects. Have changed the answer a bit
    – Angst
    Jul 30 at 18:02
  • it definitely does have some multi tracking, but this is not what I'm looking for. "Together" 0:34 has this effect. 2:34 doesn't.
    – user626528
    Aug 3 at 2:50

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