Some pianos have more than the usual 88 keys, for example the Imperial Bösendorfer has 97 and can play down to C0 rather than just A0. I have watched a couple of YouTube videos which have got me interested.

The Piano with 97 Keys - An Incredible Bosendorfer 290

What if Rach had a Bösendorfer Imperial? | Prelude in C-sharp minor

These videos, especially the second, have given me a good idea of what it sounds like but I would like better quality than YouTube (I have a nice sound system). So, I am looking for good quality CDs featuring this piano or other similar ones. An SACD or BluRay would be even better but I doubt that they exist since I have already searched for classical music on SACDs and BluRay (audio only or with video) and I have bought almost all that I like.

Can anyone recommend any good CDs? Preferably classical music but I am flexible within that so Beethoven Liszt, Chopin, Rakhmaninov, etc. The music will rarely be written to specify the extra low notes but I have read that in some cases, you can see that the composer would have liked them. I find that it works well with the Rakhmaninov in the video above.

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