I am looking for a song that Jimi Hendrix performed that I used to have (on CD I think) that was (I believe) live but may have been a jamming session.

It was a cover of a Swedish band (he says this I think) and he says things early on like "I am not saying we are better than them but just to say they are cool cats". I loved the song but have little memory of it, if anyone knows and better a link would be great.

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Based on information at this website Covers by JH. Could the song be "Tax Free" by Carlson and Hansson ? "They licensed the track Tax Free to Jimi Hendrix".

I couldn't find a version with the intro you mention, but it seems a pretty good match to the other facts.

The track is on one of the compilations released after Hendrix's death, "War Heroes": 1972, also on a later compilation South Saturn Delta: 1997.


Hendrix live 1969, Denver

Hendrix live 1969 Copenhagen

Carlson and Hansson original

More information on Carlsson and Hansson from wikipedia

The band was active in the last few years of the 1960s and played instrumental jazz fusion, largely based on improvisation and are considered one of the pioneers of progressive rock. Hansson and Carlsson played a few times with Jimi Hendrix in Stockholm, and Hendrix recorded the Hansson & Karlsson piece "Tax Free". After a few years the duo split, Hansson continued his musical career whereas Carlsson focused on his acting career.

Hansson died in 2010. Carlsson died in August 2017.

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