When I was young I have a cassette tape bought by my mum and it's just a pirate version of various classical music bundled together but consists of mainly Strauss Jr. (The first title is Blue Danube and others like T-T Polkas, etc.) The first one on the side B is a very soothing piece of music but however hard I searched the internet I couldn't identify it. It does not sounds like Strauss style but since the album title says Strauss I searched tens of albums but couldn't find a match.

I used LMMS to transcribe & compose the first ~20s of notes and made a mp3 file hope someone who knows more lot than me can help me identify it. I'm pretty sure the notes in my mind are correct.

UPDATED:Another clue is that the title of this music is somewhat related to "Morning" or "Morgen". It's a symphony played by orchestra, not any solo nor trios.


  • Some of those phrases hit my ear as early classical, like Scarlatti or Handel.
    – Duston
    Sep 16, 2021 at 13:06
  • My answer is a simple question. I personally do not know music well enough anymore to tell you exactly, but hypothetically you could try to write out the notes and search the internet that way? Something on the internet I feel would come up. Perhaps don't only try google, try as many search engines as you can feel safe using. I imagine that music is recorded in written form somewhere on the internet and a quick search of those precise notes in order may land you a result or something similar that might be from the same artist. Also, you could try different discord servers (not sure of any curr
    – hu trillz
    Sep 17, 2021 at 7:27


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