In Gabriel Rios' Cover of Porque Te Vas the last 22 seconds feature a melody that I have heard before lots of times on the radio before 2000, in a full 2-3 minute song, from what I assume was the 70s/80s.

It features that bass(?) melody as the beginning of a verse, and a single cymbal hit at the end of verse. The entire song was instrumental. There were little or no electronic instruments, and it felt rather old-timey or western-y (this is rather hard to describe, I can totally see this as a soundtrack piece for a western, and the instruments used would be approriate for that).

That bit mentioned is not just a continued instrumental part of the main melody, which is similar, but not the same (which would be my guess as how this was added as a gag as the outro of this song).

Running this bit through shazam/soundhound only returns the same song again, sadly.


It was used in the song "Egyptian Reggae" by the Modern Lovers recently used in the movie sound track for "Baby Driver."


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