In Tom Rothrock's "Rollin' Crumblin'", from the Collateral soundtrack, an instrument is used for the main melody, and I cannot identify it.

It starts at 0:15 for the first time, until 0:36, and then again from 1:16 until 2:21.

My best guesses so far are:

  • Some sort of harmonica
  • E-Guitar with lots of effects on top

If you know this I would totally love to hear other pieces with this instrument that sound similar! :)

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What you are hearing is a heavily distorted harmonica (aka blues harp), played by Jimmy Wood (source).
Here's a two-hour compilation to get you started on your listening journey:

  • Sweet, thank you for the extra material, and even identifying the artist! :D Sep 24, 2021 at 22:20

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