Please help me identify this piece, it begins at 8:23

From my own research: -It seems to be a wind quintet or possibly a subset of a larger ensemble (hopefully not) -It seems to be in the key of G minor -I've looked through classical wind quintet composers on wiki, and searched their works for "G minor" and I have not found it so far. Though with Anton Reicha's op.61 no.4 I only skipped through it every 20 seconds or so as it is quite long. I did the same with Danzi's quintets in G minor with no luck. With the other classical composers, they only had a one to three in G minor at most and it doesn't seem to be there either.

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    Your title applies to every identify-this-song question. Please consider changing it into something more distinct.
    – Mast
    Sep 26 '21 at 15:50
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    have edited title. It sounds like there are more instruments than just five, I suggest you also look at septets and octets. You may also want to look at pieces in Bflat major, the related major of G minor, as not unusual to have one movement in the related minor key.
    – Angst
    Sep 27 '21 at 13:10
  • It might be interesting to know, which other classical composers you checked. Devienne? Gebauer?
    – guidot
    Sep 29 '21 at 12:41
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    I guess the checked list is somehow related to that page, but it looks awfully incomplete in 18th/19th century sections.
    – guidot
    Sep 29 '21 at 13:09