I'm new to the site, and recently came across this post asking why David Bowie has never played any of the songs from the Labyrinth soundtrack, live in concert:

However, apparently he never played any of the songs from Labyrinth live (not even a 'medley').

It made me curious, and I began searching for answers; and, like others before me, I failed to come up with an explanation outside of my own inference that soundtracks simply aren't played in live concert. However, is that really true? I changed my search terms and still came up empty handed, outside of live movie showings where the soundtrack is played live by an orchestra.

Unsatisfied, I once again changed my search terms, with focus on more recent movies such as Home and Wreck it Ralph. While titles such as "Towards the Sun", "Dancing in the Dark", and "Red Balloon" didn't yield results, the title "Shut Up and Drive" was played live in Milan:

This shows that songs from movies can be played live, but they seem to be pretty selective, and as a result, scarce.

Why does it seem that most songs made for movies are not played live?

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    It could be as simple as licensing. They may not have the rights to play them.
    – Duston
    Oct 6 '21 at 13:25

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