In Nada Malanima’s 1969 song “Ma Che Freddo Fa”, there is some sort of high-pitched instrument playing over Nada’s voice for most of the spans (both choruses) from about 0:50-1:15 and about 1:55-end of the song, which I subjectively perceive as probably the same as the high-pitched instrument that plays between “Che t’amerei/Non tornerà” and “Cos’e la vita”, and between “non ha più” and “E s’alza il viento”. So my question is: what is this instrument, and what notes is it playing?

I’ve never been very good at identifying instruments in the best of situations, but here it’s frequently playing on top of a voice already and is just at the periphery of what I notice. However, I notice that it definitely adds something to the borderline apocalyptic quality of the chorus (which I believe centers on the tragic quality of the descending two-note motif in the [OTHER INSTRUMENTS] (see? I said I was no good at identifying instruments) in the chorus), so it can’t be nothing at all. Also, I don’t know if this further elaboration is necessary, but I put it here because I know it’s very important to give background information on Math Stack Exchange, which is where I’m most active.


There are strings playing on the recording. The 'high-pitched instrument' you hear with the vocals is the violin section. They are just doubling the vocal melody two or three octaves higher

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