Question about the musical dance arrangements of the video Go_A - ШУМ:

There are 9 people dancing as a team in the YouTube video --- are there certain deeper meanings/motivations behind the dance?

  1. Why is there only one man standing with his feet wide open? (all other women, I suppose, with feet close.)

  2. Why is there another guy dancing dramatically but only him wearing the sunglasses? (everyone else does not wear the sunglasses)

  3. Everyone else has their feet close? (Only two men do not, the one with feet wide-open, another one who dances in a strange way.) Is this a distinction between men and women?

  4. Why only the vocal Kateryna Pavlenko wears the glass shield protection? (Is that just because she is singing and she cannot wear a normal mask, so she has to wear the other protection gear? e.g. just to follow the covid rules)

For example at 49 sec:

enter image description here

Also similarly at 1:49

enter image description here


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