I've been using Windows Media Player to rip my CDs into .flac files, with no problems seen.

Except, there are six discs, out of nearly 800, for which WMP has the "Rip CD" faded out, with no obvious way of doing the rip:

Number Date bought Where Title
001 1986-12-13 Simon And Garfunkel (Rips fine, even after 35 years)
479 2004-06-07 Store-A RCA Victor - Classical Mob Hits
507 2005-06-09 Store-B Cabaret
510 2005-10-25 Store-C Musique Judeo-Baroque
511 2005-10-25 Store-C A Discovery of Chinese Folk Tunes
512 2005-12-01 Store-D Pachelbel - Canon in D (With ocean sounds)
521 2006-02-?? Store-E Ray Stevens - Everything Is Beautiful

What would be causing WMP to not offer the option of ripping?

What makes this situation extra strange is that all of these discs were bought from 5 different stores within a relatively short time span (a less than 2 year period out of the last 35 years).


I found the cause of the problem. WMP remembers what it has ripped in the past, and then doesn't offer the option of ripping again, even if the ripped files no longer exist.

A small-scale work-around:

  • Individually check all the boxes at the left beside each cut.
  • This enables the Rip CD button.
  • Copy the disk as usual.

But what I really want is a large-scale solution.
How does one get WMP to forget what it has ripped in the past?

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According to the Wikipedia, that era was the midst of manufacturer's attempts to apply copy protection to CDs. If those disks have that enabled, that would explain it.


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