In the album leaflet for Promised Land (CD (2000): RCA 07863 67930 2), there are not four, but five songwriters credited with writing ‘My Boy’, listed as Martin / Coulter / Francois [sīc] / Bourtayre / Lavot. Four of these I have found via the Wikipedia listings, and they are Bill Martin, Phil Coulter, Jean-Pierre Bourtayre, Claude François. But the last one I am unable to find, both searching for the song itself and searching for songwriters. Who is this Lavot?

(Bonus points: I am assuming the Synder credited on ‘Spanish Eyes’ is a misspelling of Snyder (which I believe should be Bert Kaempfert; Charles Singleton; Eddie Snyder).)

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According to this page the writers of 'My Boy' were William Martin, Phillip Michael Coulter, Claude François, Jean-Pierre Bourtayre and Yves Jacques Lavot. Lavot's real name is Yves Lavot-Dessca de Brancourt and he also goes by the names Guy Marfontaine, Pierre Brancourt and Yves Dessca.

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