What is the meaning of the "Darling she said 'I was yours to be seen'" lyric in the song Israeliates by Desmond Dekker?


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It's a mis-heard lyric.
The line is "'Darling', she said, 'I was yours to receive.'"

Source - Trojan Records Official YouTube channel, video with lyrics.

enter image description here

Not that that makes it much clearer to comprehend;)

  • for me the lyric makes most sense as a list of stresses and disasters in the life of a suffera - like the Israelite slaves in Egypt in the biblical account : "wake up early slaving for bread so/ every mouth can be fed", "wife and kids pack up and leave" etc
    – Angst
    May 27 at 17:10
  • Thanks at least that's a more authoritative source for the lyric - but I would still like to know what it means.
    – masloft
    May 27 at 19:28

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