I am unsure whether this is a fact, rumour or just completely made up, but I remember hearing the story about it and I cannot remember who it was about and which song.

It is about a classical music composer who specialised in the piano. They had a student who they fell in love with and wrote a song for them that was nice and simple to get them to play. When they were rejected by this woman, they changed the piece to make it really rather complicated so the said student would no longer be able to play it.

I had a feeling it was Fur Elise by Beethoven but after a bit of Googling, I couldn't find the story anywhere and I know the origins of that song are a bit murky as to who it's for. So I think perhaps it may have been a different composer/song?

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Beethoven was famously unlucky in love, so the story is plausible from that perspective.

I can offer a different story of Beethoven acting out of spite:

During its composition, Beethoven dedicated his third symphony to Napoleon Bonaparte, naming it Sinfonia intitolata Bonaparte (Symphony entitled Bonaparte). However, when Beethoven heard that Napoleon had declared himself emperor of France, he was so furious, that he scribbled out the name and renamed the symphony "Eroica" (Heroic).

A more detailed description is available at History Today.

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  • @MCG "Czerny remarked however that Beethoven could still hear speech and music normally until 1812." Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ludwig_van_Beethoven#Deafness. Eroica was renamed in 1804. Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Symphony_No._3_(Beethoven)#Dedication
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