The song "You Don't Belong" by Bad Religion obviously references the SoCal punk scene they were a part of. In it, a number of people are mentioned by name.

missy was a teen blue video star,
tom took his life in his mother's car,
milo went to college but you knew about that,
rodney played our records,
jimmy started riots,
laurie was always quiet, she was battling depression


jack wore a skirt but he knew how to scrap,
billy went to county on a class one possession,
wendy went to school while her daddy shot smack,
eugene kept a list,
mugger was security,
mary she kept her purity, we were all in it together

Who are they?

Some are obvious, like Milo who went to college or Rodney who played their records, but is it known who the others are?

Has the band ever talked about it in interviews?

I saw some speculation on a discussion board:

  • Missy — ?
  • Tom — Tom Clement, known from "I Give You Nothing"
  • Milo — Milo Aukerman, from the Descendents
  • Rodney — Rodney on the ROQ
  • Jimmy — ?
  • Laurie — possibly Laurie Anderson
  • Jack — Jack Grisham, from TSOL
  • Billy — Brett Gurewitz himself
  • Wendy — ?
  • Eugene — ?
  • Mugger — a roadie for Black Flag
  • Mary — ?

†: The lyrics on their official homepage have him as Jimmy, but a number of other sources have him as GG, referring to either Greg Ginn or GG Allin.

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Lead vocalist and songwriter Greg Graffin gives a description of where the title originated along with the different names and meanings mentioned in the song.

Song Meaning:

Greg Graffin: "If you ever get a hold of our first EP, a 7", there's a guy with a jacket - a leather jacket - in the audience and it says, 'You don't belong' on it. That's where we got the title from. And it was sort of the attitude all through the punk era; none of us felt like we belonged. But we certainly felt like we should belong, because we had something to say."

Missy - "Blue movie" is another term for a porn movie. There's one famous porn star named Missy in particular. She's in the encyclopedia as the only porn star with that name. She lived in San Fernando Valley, where also the origin of Bad Religion lies. It's possible that they knew each other from school as they were all of the same age.

Tom - Tom Clement One of Brett's friends who died in a car accident in 1986 (Brett thinks he committed suicide). The song Give You Nothing has an alternate name called "Tom Clements".

Milo - Milo Aukerman The singer of the Descendents. "Milo goes to college" is the title of one of the Descendents albums.

Rodney - Rodney Bingenheimer A famed Hollywood radio DJ on the notable Los Angeles rock station KROQ. Famous from his "Rodney on the roq" show on which he played Bad Religion for the first time on the radio.

GG - G.G. Allin or Greg Ginn Either G.G. Allin, an American punk rock singer-songwriter who performed and recorded with many groups during his career, or Greg Ginn, the founder and guitarist of Black Flag, is meant.

Laurie - This could possibly be Laurie Anderson, the only one alternative/punk music in the business I can think of with the name Laurie.

Jack - Jack Grisham The singer of TSOL. He was known to wear a skirt on stage.

Billy - Brett Gurewitz Billy is an alias for Brett himself (as in No Control / Into the Unknown's Billy Gnosis). This is a reference to when he was caught with ten balloons of heroin and was ordered by the court to go to rehab.

Wendy - Mr. Brett's daughter's name is Wendy

Eugene - Eugene A skinhead who appeared in the 1981 punk rock documentary film "The Decline of Western Civilization".

Mugger - Steve Corbin Mugger was his nickname. He was a roadie for Black Flag.

Mary - Mary Harron, news reporter/publisher, possibly sarcasm with the line here.?

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