Can someone tell me what is the name of the songs in this video Dota 2 - Patch 6.84 - Wagamama 6795 MMR Plays Silencer - Pub Match Gameplay, from 1:00 to 5:02?

I see that they are remixes but can you at least tell me the original song names?

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    What do you think of kl78's answer? Did you try to reach the youtube poster?
    – Bebs
    Jan 16 '17 at 11:56

I have no Experience in DOTA2, but i listened to the soundtrack at youtube after i saw your question. It seems like this is the ingame soundtrack. As far as i could see there are different versions, the classical sountrack of the game was composed by Valve members Jason Hayes and Tim Larkin. Orchestration and conduction by Timothy Williams. Performed by the Northwest Sinfonia and Recorded at Bastyr University.

But that sounds more like the "Dota 2 : Heroes Within Music Pack", which is composed by Daniel Sadowski, you can hear it here (also there are links under this video, where you can get further information):


If i am wrong, and you get no other answer here, you can also try to contact the owner of the youtube channel you posted.

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