Does anyone know when "Undercover Girl Blues" by Lester Young was recorded? Here is a link to the song:


To me, it sounds like "Kansas City". So, can we guess this song was recorded during the 30s? Also, what is the personnel for this particular song?

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According to JazzDisco.org, specifically the 1951 Verve recordings page, "Undercover Girl Blues" was recorded on January 16th, 1951, and the personnel on the recording was:

  • Saxophone: Lester Young
  • Piano: John Lewis
  • Bass: Gene Ramsey
  • Drums: Jo Jones

My guess is that the information on JazzDisco.org is gleaned from The Complete Lester Young Studio Recordings on Verve, though I do not own that box set and thus cannot confirm. However, that site is general accurate in my experience, meaning that I have yet to find anything that doesn't match up with other sources while exploring it.

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