I'm sure this is from some TV show or at least that's where I heard it originally. Probably like Bored to Death or Weeds.

  • Part of the song includes the line, "You must have a hole in your head ____(boy/girl), must have a hole in your head".

  • The tune is very mellow and relaxed. It kind of sounds like something you'd expect characters walking through a park to be listening to. It could be easily whistled or hummed.

  • In fact I think the only backing is like a person whistling.

  • The blank is either the word boy or girl, but my memory is hazy as to which one.


I think it's a song by Ringo Starr called You Know It Makes Sense. Here is the section of the song in question:

So come on, don't be stupid. If you put a hole in your arm You must have a hole in your head! Over to you, John. Can you hear me, John?


  • Although that seems plausible by just looking at the lyrics, it turns out to actually just be a spoken word interjection on the album, so it's unlikely to be the song in question. Feb 26 '16 at 14:32

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