Here is the video link: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/ellbyoTQbHw

In this dance video, from 02:55 to 03:10, the most drastic part.

I can recognize other parts of this dance, but here the speed is too rapid for me to hear the lyrics clear.

If you don't know the background music from 02:55 to 03:10, could you please write down the lyrics you heard in this 15 seconds?

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I've found the song, but I'm unable to find the specific recording featured in that video. The song is "First Transformation" from Jekyll & Hyde, the musical. The snippet in the video you linked is from the end of song when (you guessed it) Dr. Jekyll undergoes his first transformation into Mr. Hyde. Here is the original broadway recording of the song; you should be able to recognize it, but the singer is a bit more—menacing.

The lyrics at the end (full lyrics can be found here) are:


Out of breath!

What is this?

Is this death?


Look at me!

Can it be?

Who is this creature that I see!?


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