What I can recall about the song primarily is the lyrics which go something along the lines of 'Good, you're awake. I like it when they know what's --- coming. Don't worry, this . will . hurt.' I believe there's an accordion playing in certain portions of the song, but it's primarily heavy dubstep (if I recall correctly? It may not be as heavy as I remember.) and has a somewhat twisted kind of music in different areas.

The voice is male, and there's no actual singing. He just talks. The song is at least a couple years old. I believe it's an independent artist and I think I first found it on youtube, but can't seem to find it again.

I've done a lyrics search on google, gone through all my videos on youtube, dug through tons of CDs around my desk and in my car, checked my music folder.. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Even tried searching for the lyrics on youtube to see if it might bring up similar songs and did a search for 'dubstep accordion' to see what that might pull up. Did a search for 'torture dubstep', 'twisted dubstep', and wrote a question on Yahoo Ask hoping someone might recognize the song. I'm running low on ideas.

Anyone know the song I'm looking for?

If I remember anything else I'll add more details.

Edit: I believe there may also be a xylophone in the song.

Thanks for your help!


I believe that would be: Rage, by Moxix

The lyrics are dialog from a character in the game, RAGE.

“Ah, you're awake. Good. I like my prey to know what's coming. I promise, this will hurt!” - Ghost executioner

  • YEP that's it. Listening to it I realize some of my description is inaccurate. There's no accordion or xylophone in it so I must have been mixing it up with something else. But I'm glad someone was able to locate it. Thanks very much! Nov 20 '15 at 23:35

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