Here I have the link the song foots by a band called Stuff


What is the genre of this? Is it funk or pop?

  • I also think it belongs to funk. – user1489 Dec 3 '15 at 8:33

Looking Stuff up on Wikipedia, it seems as though they are a jazz-funk band. Listening to that track, I'd be inclined to say that that song is also jazz-funk, or at the very least instrumental funk. The album on which "Stuff" appears (also called Stuff) was produced by a jazz drummer named Herb Lovelle, and a jazz/R&B producer named Tommy LiPuma, further supporting the jazz-funk categorization of the song.

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The opening segment of the track is heavily blues influenced but as it transitions it begins to have a bit of a funk groove to it.

Wiki: "Stuff developed a danceable rhythm and blues and funk sound, the likes of which had not been heard since the days of the Harlem Swing Bands of the 40s and 50s."

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In 1983 a very "similar" song was released by Jan Akkerman. Title: Pietons. He claimed the credits.

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