I've just watched this YouTube parody called SCIENCE WARS. Can anyone give me the references of the original songs?


Each melody in the video is a theme from the Star Wars saga, music composed by John Williams.

  1. Star Wars Main Title - The introduction is sung to the melody of the Star Wars Main Title, which is heard in all of the Star Wars films.

  2. Duel of the Fates - the Physics verse is sung to Duel of the Fates from The Phantom Menace.

  3. Cantina Band - the Chemistry verse is sung to the melody of Cantina Band from A New Hope.

  4. Princess Leia's Theme - the Biology verse is sung to the melody of Princess Leia's Theme from A New Hope.

  5. The Imperial March - the Math verse is sung to the melody of The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme) from The Empire Strikes Back.

  6. The Force Theme - the conclusion (starting at 3:03 with "And Pi...") is sung to the melody of The Force Theme (sometimes called Binary Sunset) from A New Hope.

The video then fades out to more Cantina Band, this time without lyrics.

Each of these themes were composed by legendary film composer John Williams, who wrote the music for the Star Wars films. With the exception of Cantina Band, each theme appears in other Star Wars films besides the one for which they were written.

As mlibby mentioned, the video was likely inspired by the popular "John Williams is the Man" Star Wars video. In that video, Moosebutter sings about Star Wars while the melodies are actually other, non-Star Wars themes Williams wrote for other famous films.

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They're all John Williams compositions from Star Wars movies (soundtracks).

The first song is the Star War "main title" song, which has appeared in all the Star Wars movies in one form or another.

The second song (@ 0:14) is "Dual of the Fates", first appearing in "Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace".

The third song (@ 1:00) is "Cantina Band", from "Episode IV - A New Hope".

The fourth song (@ 1:30 ) is from "Ben Kenobi's Death" (and I think also from other moments/songs), from "Episode IV - A New Hope".

The fifth song (@ 2:30) is "The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)", which shows up in bunches of places in the Star Wars movies (especially episodes 4-6, and then again in episode 3 towards the end, I think).

The sixth song (@ 3:09 ) I don't recognize. I think maybe it's just a tag that the arranger tacked on.

As with most epic-level dramatic music-writing (movies, operas), a lot of these themes and motifs appear in multiple places across the epic in question (= the various Star Wars movies).

As an interesting tangent and juxtaposition, see Moosebutter's "Star Wars (John Willims is the Man)" tribute, in which they also sing a cappella renditions of John Williams compositions, with lyrics about Star Wars (but none of the quoted songs are actually from Star Wars... they're all famous Williams compositions from non-Star Wars movies), which was their (friendly) response to an earlier video by Corey Vidal in which he lip-synched to an earlier Moosebutter recording of the same song, and that (Vidal) video is actually the earliest example that I know of which uses this sort of "multiple singers windowed into a single screen" approach, which now seems pretty popular on YouTube and which is used in the video in this question. Sorry, long tangent, I know, but I brought it back around to the question, right?

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