I'm looking for a song I used to hear on the radio in Upstate NY around 1984-1986. It had a chorus lyric of something like "Chris-tine you are my life, don't take it away". The notes for each word were something like G-E D C D E, C G E D C. I also recall a quick guitar/synth lick after the chorus with notes like B C B A G F E.

I've searched high and low for this song on the Internet for years, and came up with nothing. It's the only song in my memory that I haven't been able to find. I thought it might've been by a progressive/alternative band like Marillion, but I haven't found any info in that direction either. I might be misremembering the lyrics.

If you have any idea what this song might be, please answer—it's driving me crazy!

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    @OP, you should check if the answer is the correct one and marked as accpeted, otherwise, you can check this link about some results that might match with your case. – Mauricio Arias Olave Mar 23 '16 at 17:45

Are you after Christine by The House of Love, released in 1988 in eponymous album?

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