I have these notes stuck in my head for around 2 months. It feels like it's a soundtrack from a love movie. But I couldn't find it anywhere.

I tried to compose it on a website to ask others (you may have to imagine a break after every 4 note): https://flat.io/score/567d45204059f1c225485178-adini-bulamadigim-sa

After this part I played, the orchestra raises from behind, and it continues like 2 people are getting together ( hugging or sth :) )

Sorry for lack of professionality, haven't used these grids since elementary school.

Any help would be appreciated.


This is the Love Theme from the 1968 film Romeo and Juliet (your section follows an introduction in this video).

I was able to identify it by entering your notes into this app: http://www.melodycatcher.com/

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    You beat me to it, I was looking at the notes and I was like "Hey, I know this song - it's from R&J". Fun fact: the 4-note tune they whistle in huger Games is also from R&J. Great answer, especially for the site you used. +1 – RedCaio Dec 29 '15 at 23:29

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