I would like to find the name of the piece and the composer for the following piano part played in the background. The only relevant portions of the YouTube clip are from 15:38-15:48:


This is an independent video made by somebody to satirize the Disney motion picture John Carter.

Even from the ten seconds, it is incredibly familiar, and the full composition might have been used in multiple movies or television shows.


Main theme from the TV show LOST

The music is from the main theme* of the TV show LOST. This main theme from the show is heard often throughout the show. It's heard, for example, in the track "Life & Death" from the LOST Official Soundtrack (it's especially clear that they're the same at 3 minutes into the video).


The CinemaSins video "Everything wrong with John Carter in 15 minutes or less" was drawing a comparison between John Carter and LOST:

  1. Both scenes have individuals pulling the injured from a crashed, burning flying vehicle:

    • In John Carter the Tharks are pulling the wounded from the crashed ship.
    • In LOST the characters pull the wounded from the crashed plane.
  2. Composer Michael Giacchino composed the music for both John Carter and LOST, so they were also drawing a comparison between the soundtracks for LOST and John Carter

* The main theme from LOST should not be confused with the opening music, which is called "Main Title"


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