The song "Frontier Psychiatrist" by The Avalanches contains a sample of what sounds like an excerpt from a movie:

That boy needs therapy, psychosomatic
That boy needs therapy, purely psychosomatic
That boy needs therapy

Lie down on the couch, what does that mean?
You're a nut, you're crazy in the coconut
What does that mean? That boy needs therapy
I'm gonna kill you, that boy needs therapy

Can anyone identify it?

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It's from the comedy sketch “Frontier Psychiatrist” by Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster.


And the mp3


It's actually from multiple sources. The bit about Dexter being truant, Mr. Kirk, and Miss Fishbourne is from John Waters' movie Polyester (1981). The "list" is also in the wikipedia article about the track.

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    That's not what he was asking about.
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