The song "Home Radio" has no lyrics on MusixMatch, so I decided to contribute them. I looked online for them, to no avail. I tried to transcribe them myself, but many lines were cryptic or unintelligible.

I decided to do further research. The song featured Boots and Sosa. I found info on Boots, but I could not find anything for both LaptopPlugins and Sosa, aside from iTunes/Amazon/Spotify pages which simply contained related songs.

But then, I found this on the album page in iTunes of Far Rock Away - EP:

Parkwood Entertainment LLC

Parkwood Entertainment has a wikipedia page. I even found a twitter page. Beyoncé founded the company. The twitter page linked to a dead website, parkwoodentertainment.com. Looking closer, I realized that the last post on the twitter page was on January 27, 2014. However, the song was released in 2015. Even stranger, they seem to have created the music video for "Formation" in 2016 (as you can see at the very end of the video)!

Can anybody find more information on LaptopPlugins, Sosa or Parkwood Entertainment?


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Laptop plugins has a Twitter account (Denzel Freeman), also discog at Evolving Records

Wikipedia article on Chief Keef states he also goes by "Sosa", although the music credits don't seem to cross-refer to the music you mention.But Boots, from his wikipedia entry seems to do a lot of collaborations, and not all are in the spotlight.

Parkwood entertainment also has Linkedin page, FB page

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