So, I'm listening to Fallout Boy and I hear a tune I've heard elsewhere, but I can't place it. You'll find it at about 1:10 in this video:


I'm pretty sure they're referencing the tune there for some kind of in-joke, or some emotional resonance with between the two pieces, but I don't know what that would be.

Can anyone tell me where they got these doo doo doos from?


From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centuries_%28song%29 :

"Centuries" contains a sample of the song "Tom's Diner" by Suzanne Vega re-recorded by American singer Lolo for the track.[9] Stump described the sample as "a tip of the hat" to "Tom's Diner", a song which the band wanted to "re-inject" into popular culture.


Standing in the kitchen- yo gotti

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    The Yo Gotti song was released in 2009, and Suzanne Vega's song was in 1987. I think it's fair to say that song's also a reference to Vega. whosampled.com/sample/6195/…
    – AJFaraday
    Apr 19 at 8:09

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