Do you know any songs similar to Tuyo from the singer Rodrigo Amarante? It's the opening credits theme song of Netflix serie Narcos.

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Note that Rodrigo Amarante, is a Brasillian singer who usually sings in Brasilian portuguese, but sings in spanish on this song.

I think the genre is Latin America Bolero. The song is in 4/4 time but, I feel like I want to move like a walz and "attach" the 1 and 2. The time signature is

||  1   |   2  |   3   |   4   ||
|| Ooooooooone |  Two  | Three ||

You can listen to the Ecuadorian singer Julio Jaramillo and these songs: Nuestro Juramento, Te Odio Y Te Quiero or De Cigarro En Cigarro from the album Colección de Oro.

Also the Mexican band Los Panchos specialized in romantic latin bolero: Sabor a Mi, Historia de un amor

  • Great answer, Bebs --I know genres are not your specialty, but I do think you've nailed it this time. With that said, I think you mean the Cuban bolero, not the Spanish one --your (excellent) examples are all of the Latin (Cuban) version, and it's that version that has the 4/4 beat, not the Spanish one, see this article. Nov 28, 2017 at 14:43
  • @ChrisSunami, you are correct. Thanks for the clarification. btw I like talking about general and classic genres. What I don't like is to discuss about sub-sub-genre-crossed-with-under-sub-style-of-whatever... :-)
    – Bebs
    Nov 28, 2017 at 15:03
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    I have to say I track down good advice on internet. I rarely find something so well advised as this Bebs post. Well explained and great examples. This should be the accepted answer.
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  • @A.Dumas, thanks for your support. Unfortunately, it seems that OP has left a long time ago.
    – Bebs
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  • Thank you for the wonderful answer. Do you have additional recommendations?
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The song Dulcito e Coco (2017) by the Dominican singer Vicente García also has a Bolero feel, even this is not the only genre he plays.


For excellent acoustic music of same general rhythm and sensibility, I would recommend music of the Buena Vista Social Club, and its associated musicians.

The album of the same title was a popular revival, with the original musicians, of the elegant pre-revolutionary Cuban sound, including the subgenres of trova, filin, son cubano, bolero and danzón.



Mondo Bongo - Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros it's the same genre.


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