I cant place this song or find it anywhere on the web. Pretty sure it is from the 60s. It had lyrics that said,

we all die from time.
No matter who you are,
you answer to time.
You oughtta know,
we're all running out of time

The song has long violin strains running behind the words. Does anyone know this song? I'm sure it had some level of popular airplay at one time, I would have heard it on the radio originally. It's stuck in my head and the only thing to exorcise it is to hear it fully once again.


Bobby Sherman - Time

The only lyrics link I can find has a 'page not available' tag right now - http://www.peacelovebobby.com/sing_along/lyrics/lalala_time.htm but Google has it cached here

By the looks of it, it was the B-Side to La La La (If I Had You)

His own web site is really not very searchable http://www.bobbysherman.com & I can't find it on iTunes or similar; but at least you've got a head start in your search ;)

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