The French TV program called Top Chef had a very beautiful piece of music playing in the background which sounded familiar to me, but it was hard to find where it came from.

To me it sounds like the film music from James Horner.

Listen to the music here: https://soundcloud.com/damien-seys/music-from-top-chef-s07e10

Any idea what this music is from?

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The song is called Good Old Days by The Features https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzI531EA8bg . I found it using Shazam it has pretty good knowledge of most tracks. Hope this helps!

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    Thank you for giving it a shot, but I actually rather doubt that it's the right song. If you listen to the one from the question and compare it to the one in your answer, they don't even remotely sound the same. The question is about a piece of instrumental music performed by an orchestra and your answer has a band with singers and lyrics etc. lol, they're not the same. :)
    – RedCaio
    Apr 1, 2016 at 22:41
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    The music for series 7 of the original (US) series was composed by Biff Sanders, Matthew McGaughey and Gregory Butler. Sanders and McGaughey are part of barefoot music where some samples of their work are available <barefootmusic.tv/music>. It's not clear whether Studio89/M6 redid the music when they adapted for French TV
    – Angst
    May 27, 2016 at 20:02

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