Surfing on the internet I came across this song (Dredg - The Uplifting News Channel) which I really liked. I looked up the group on wikipedia and I was wondering what rock genre they correspond to, and especially that song. I was thinking something like "progressive rock" or "experimental" but I'm not sure.

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Progressive is also correct but pretty generic, the styles dredg play are usually referred as Crossover Prog (a prog combination of alternative style with indie elements) and Post/Math/Experimental. "Canyon Behind Her" was the first Dredg song I heard and I really liked it.

Here are some definitions from Progarchives:

About Dredg:

Crossover Prog ( . . . ) They transcend many genres with their art-rock styles and manage to be one of the deepest and most talented modern progressive bands today.

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The wikipedia article offers a set of categories, but they all point to the genre not being standard rock or metal. "Genre" for me is a bit of a slippery thing because many bands are not straight down the middle of any particular genre, even in a single song. So for example with this song: it's (a bonus track) from an album that included artwork which contained clues for a treasure hunt : it's hard-driving like metal, but there are lighter touches in parts of the song with a small hint of a reggae beat at one point. Already that's quite a few alternative, arty , diverse influences. For me a better description would be something that says this song isn't in a particular category or genre, so maybe "rock with diverse interests".

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