Since I heard the song the first time about 16 years ago, I wonder where the intro is taken from. It sounds like it is from a movie, but I am not sure about that. Does somebody know where it is from? The intro is only on CD and some videos in the net, not on all.

The text goes like:

"What this place needs is a good natural catastrophy. Earthquake, tornado, maybe a ...some text I dont understand..."

"Hehe, let me do it"

Here is a link to the song with intro, but not good quality

Crosscut-Spit the fire

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According to at least five different transcriptions I found on Google, this is from the opening scene of the 1994 movie The Crow. From what I understand from reading the transcripts (I've never seen the movie):

What this place needs is a good natural catastrophe. Earthquake, tornado, maybe a flood, like in the Bible.

is said by the character Mickey, a hot dog vendor

Eh, eh, let me do it.

is said by the character Albrecht, a cop who is a customer of Mickey's during the scene. He's not saying "let me do the natural catastrophe" or anything like that, he's apparently taking the hot dog from Mickey because Mickey is putting mustard on it incorrectly.

  • I saw that film several times (but never in english), never thought that dialouge came from there. Thx
    – kl78
    Apr 5, 2016 at 17:45
  • No problem! I'm happy to have helped. Apr 5, 2016 at 17:46

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