There are a ton of sites that list out all sorts of different jazz subgenres, for example, this one: http://www.jazzmusicarchives.com/musicguides

However, I have not found a good resource that pairs the name of a style with a recording that exemplifies that style, which would go a long way to understand what jazz styles are what.

Does anyone know of a resource like this?


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Probably a couple of reasons why such lists don't abound is that:

  1. Any such list is always going to be tremendously incomplete. In general you can't get a sound perspective on a style with just one or two examples.
  2. You're never going to get general consensus about the selection you may pick in such an attempt.

Anyway, I understand your perplexity and you have got to start somewhere. Here's a possible seed for your exploration:

If you really want to better your understanding of Jazz and its different styles, this is just a molecule on the tip of the iceberg :-). There are a couple of online free courses, that may get you on a faster track (I recommend Jazz Appreciation from edx), but a good book with a discography section will surely be of great help too. The JazzMusicArchives also has pointers to many artists and specific records, but you have to dig deeper in the specific sections.

  • Thank you! The course seems perfect for what I'm looking for, but unfortunately enrollment is closed right now. I'll check back periodically, but thank you for this list!
    – tarun
    May 31, 2016 at 13:51

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