I've just come across this video and I need to know what this song's name is, since it is not mentioned anywhere. Do not wonder, the video is in German, but the music's part is from 4:45 to 5:00.

Here's the link to the video: KSFREAK RASTET AUS | Bescheuerte Snaps

If somebody knows that song's title, please tell me!


The song appear to be a speeded up version of Me and You by the American producer and artist Maejor. His real name is Brandon Green.

I identified the song with Shazam. Even though the song is speeded up, the pitch is the same as in your example. Either it is an official remix, or the author of the video remixed it himself. I haven't found any video of the speeded up version.

You can find the official version on YouTube, and on Spotify, and surely on other services as well.

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