Sometime between 2008 and 2010 a friend played me an album in which the story was of metal band slowly selling out and becoming a punk band. Specifically I think it may have been a Ska band in the style that was popular at the time.

I remember there being sections where the slimy manager/producer was talking with one or more band members within the album. Then there were gigs or practise sessions in which the musical album tracks happened.

Can anyone help me out with the name of the album and band?
For some reason I have a Megadeath style voice in my head. It might just be that I was listening to that at a similar time though so perhaps do not put to much weight into that.

If there turns out to be a list of such albums, I will do my best to confirm the one I thought of but would be happy to discover a winder selection in the genera.

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The friend who played me the album remembered what I was going on about when he saw the question. The answer is Cooked on Phonics by Punky Brüster. The grumbly voice is doing the narrative in parts and the story is about the formation of a fake punk band from a metal one.

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