There's a sample of what sounds like a religious chant that has cropped up in a few disparate soundtracks:

Example 1 (from Cirque du Soleil's Quidam)

Example 2 (dropped in pitch) (from the PC game, Warcraft III)

What is it? It's just barely possible that the latter copied from the former, but it'd be a relatively obscure source.


The music credit for "Incantation" is to Canadian composer Benoit Jutras http://www.cirquefascination.com/?p=2417 http://benoitjutras.com/.

The Warcraft 3 soundtrack is credited to Derek Duke, Glenn Stafford, Tracy W. Bush and Jason Hayes http://wow.gamepedia.com/Reign_of_Chaos_Soundtrack.

I think your two examples are two separate pieces of music. Both scores draw on various different musical styles from around the world, so not unusual that parts may sound similar.

  • I think the samples at the specific time-points that I linked to are too similar to be unrelated - I suspect it's the same singer, in fact. I was hoping it might be a well-known religious chant, perhaps Arabic or Hebrew? It's not English, at least. – Amanda Ellaway Jun 14 '16 at 6:58

After a bit of research, I'm pretty sure the sample is from a Spectrasonics commercial sample library, probably Heart of Africa or Symphony of Voices.

A YouTube comment for one of the other Blizzard soundtracks mentioned that they used Spectrasonic's samples a lot, and I recognized one of the samples from their Bizarre Guitar collection as being used in the soundtrack for Cirque du Soleil's show 'Ka', so it seems that both composers make use of the same sample collection.

That probably explains why some parts of Starcraft's Zerg soundtrack show up in the background music for the Orphan Black tv show, too.

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