I'm looking for the title of a 1950s song I heard recently at a car show. I must have misheard the lyrics because I can't find a song with the title of Elvira. That's what it sounded like to me. Elvira, Elvira. It was sung by a male singer, and it was kind of slow, not a rock and roll song. Along the lines of something the Skyliners would do, but it wasn't them. Guy sounded somewhat like Paul Anka.


Elvira by the Oak Ridge Boys was a cover :)

Elvira was originally done by Dallas Frazier. Try this.

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I'm surprised you couldn't find it, it's quite famous:

Elvira - Oak Ridge Boys


It actually came out in 1981, although it has a 1950's feel to it.

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  • No, unfortunately that's not it. – QMan2488 Jun 26 '16 at 23:35

Heard it again at the same car show, 2 years later. The song? Venus (1959) by Frankie Avalon.


The part that sounds like "Elvira, Elvira" is actually the opening lyric "Hey Venus, Oh Venus."

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