I am sorry in case it happens to be a severe off-topic, but with my interest in classical music recently revived I was looking for specific performances all over the world, as in Amsterdam (where I live) it is not often to have a good concert, so I'd consider travelling to attend it.

For example, I have found bachtrack to be quite useful: I can just type "Tchaikovsky Symphony 6" there and get a list of upcoming concerts. At the same time, I am not sure whether this list is comprehensive - a lot of famous pieces (like an aforementioned symphony) are only played a dozen times a year worldwide according to bachtrack, which I find hard to believe. Are there better sources?

  • A lot of CD labels provide a newsletter, which among others lists the scheduled concerts of their exclusive artists (which obviously may increase sales of the respective recordings), but I'm not aware of a more global portal.
    – guidot
    Jul 12, 2016 at 12:01

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The International Gustav Mahler society used to have a Mahler-specific calendar, but unfortunately it is now defunct.

Universal Edition also has a tool that you can use, though I've never used it before, so I can't speak to its quality.


For concerts in the UK Concert Diary is a good source - I have listed concerts there and gone to concerts listed. Some posts on Tripadvisor suggested, for France "Offi", and for Germany "Classictic"

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