The song "Exploring Yourself With A Knife" is a track form the Russian post-rock band April Rain's album "Waiting For Sunrise". some Russian dialog is spoken between a man and a woman starting at 4:37. could someone provide a transcription or translation ?

The song could be found here on Last.fm: Exploring Yourself With A Knife

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Female Voice: 4:38 It didn't start today (It's been happening for a while)
Male Voice: 4:40 What?
F: 4:40 I'm losing sensitivity to hot and cold
M: 4:42 Why are you silent?
F: 4:43 I just feel something different..
F: 4:46 Inside
F: 4:47 I don't know how to describe it
F: 4:49 So I..
F: 4:52 Was silent
F: 4:57 Happy now?
M: 5:12 You will blossom
M: 5:19 And I will live
M: 5:29 What are you doing here?
F: 5:31 Walk with me
M: 5:33 I'm working
F: 5:34 So much snow. We always...
M: 5:35 I can't! I have to work
F: 5:38 Come on, Tommy!
M: 5:39 Stop it!
F: 5:47 There's no final chapter in this book
F: 5:53 Will you help me?
M: 5:56 How?
F: 5:58 Finish it
F: 6:03 Finish
M: 6:04 I don't know how it ends
F: 6:06 You know
F: 6:09 You will know
M: 6:11 You should be with me
F: 6:12 I am with you!
F: 6:13 Look!
F: 6:16 I will always be with you
F: 6:20 I promise...

  • And it is believed to be taken from russian dubbing of 'The Fountain' by Darren Aronofsky
    – artaxerx
    Oct 20, 2023 at 9:11

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