So this might be getting a little obscure, but hoping someone can help me out.

For many years, I had a very different impression of the song by Redgum - "I was only 19".

My memory, which may not be correct, seems to remember hearing a different version of the song, which contained the question "And what's this rash that comes and goes, can you tell me what it means?", and answered the question in the next line, which included "good old Aussie pride".

Searching that line on Google returns a poem called Green and Gold Malaria. , with the full line being "The rash that you've contracted here is good old Aussie pride".

So, either I am remembering two separate events and mashing them together, or there exists a single song that combines I was only 19 and Green and Gold Malaria. If this song exists, I am looking for a recording of it, name of the person who did the cover, or even just a confirmation of "yes, you aren't crazy, I do remember hearing that version".

For context, this would have been country New South Wales, in roughly 1998 and would have been played at a primary school.


There have been many versions of this song recorded from Hip Hop through to Hard Rock and Folk, I have heard the Julia Stone version, The Point Oh Five version and The Herd's version and none of them contain the line you mentioned.

The context of 1998 made me think of John Williamson who has done a version of the song, he would have most likely performed at primary schools in NSW, but is this the sort of song that would be suitable for primary school children? (the lyrics to John Williamson's version don't mention the line good old Aussie Pride).

One thing makes me think you may be mixing things up as the line "What's this rash that comes and goes, can you tell me what it means" is the second last line of the second chorus, which is followed by "God help me, I was only 19" and then it is the beginning of the next verse. Which doesn't mean to say the Aussie Pride line hasn't been used in a live version, but I must admit I am stumped on this one.

Here's a link to the youtube version by Point Oh Five, the page throws up many more versions by various artists so you may find the version you recall among them.


Hope this has been some help

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