I have been really enjoying Houndmouth's two albums lately and I was wondering if anyone knew what their influences are? They have an interesting twang that I have not heard from any bands I listen to and I really like it. Almost like a darker country music, are there other bands like this?

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On this interview of the drummer Shane Cody by The Waster:

“We all went on a big Neil Young kick a few years ago.

They are said to be influenced by The Band, as speculated by some media here, here and here, even Houndsmouth denied it :

From The Waster:

"The Band (...) we had never really listened to them, everybody knew, The Weight, and Up On Cripple Creek, but we had never delved into the deep cuts.”

From Huffington Post, the guitarist Matt Myers said:

We really didn’t listen to The Band all that much before the comparison. And then we went back and kind of discovered everything and then got into Neil Young, John Prine.”

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