Is there any way to get notified for some of my favorite singers new songs release ?

[ My favorite singers are most from USA and famous. ]

It can be RSSfeed or a Android app or a website. Actually im looking for it in web for months but no result.

I tried Spotify and Deezer, But i want a free way to do it. And i just want new releases, no streamin or downloading or video or ... .

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    You could configure a google alert. – LStrike Aug 10 '16 at 9:20

In addition to Spotify as indicated by Elton, I know of two possible ways:

  • subscribing (i.e. "liking") the facebook pages of the artists of your preference.
  • looking for the specific web sites of the artist and see if they have a specific mail list or news subscribing service.
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You can follow your favourite artists on Spotify. Even on free version you have this feature.

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